Why Shred?

Why shred your personal and business documents?

Home offices and small businesses should consider a regular cost effective shredding service for their own personal information and/or business records for many reasons, including:

Comply with privacy rules and regulations.
Save Time and Money
Reduce the risk of Identity Fraud
Meet Customer & Staff Privacy Expectations
Do the right thing – Recycle your paper
Keep documents only as long as required

Every business and household has confidential information. The day to day functions of any business will produce a surprising amount of information that could be used against the business by it’s competitors. This list includes; Internal Memos, Drafts of Documents, Quotes, Financial Printouts, Meeting Notes, Employee Records, Pay Stubs, etc.



An estimated $100 billion a year is lost to information thieves! Did you know that there is NO LAW against Dumpster Diving. After your business has disposed of it’s documents, it has no claim to it’s privacy.

Unfortunately, one of the weaknesses of any business is disgruntled employees. Countless new businesses are started by customer lists from an existing business. An easily implemented security plan is the only way to ensure that an upset employee will not make a mistake that they and/or your business could regret for a long time. Put one of our locked bins in your office and this problem is easily solved.
Comply with privacy rules and regulations
The Privacy Act requires an organisation to “take reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds”. “Reasonable steps to destroy paper documents containing personal information includes shredding”. http://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-act/privacy-law-reform

11.36 Personal information is destroyed when it can no longer be retrieved. The steps that are reasonable for an organisation to take to destroy personal information will depend on whether the personal information is held in hard copy or electronic form.

11.37 For example, for personal information held:

  • in hard copy, disposal through garbage or recycling collection would not ordinarily constitute taking reasonable steps to destroy the personal information, unless the personal information had already been destroyed through a process such as pulping, burning, pulverising, disintegrating or shredding
  • in electronic form, reasonable steps will vary depending on the kind of hardware used to store the personal information. In some cases, it may be possible to ‘sanitise’ the hardware to completely remove stored personal information.[9] For hardware that cannot be sanitised, reasonable steps must be taken to destroy the personal information in another way, such as by irretrievably destroying it. Where it is not possible to irretrievably destroy personal information held in electronic format, an organisation could instead comply with APP 11.2 by taking reasonable steps to de-identify the personal information (see paragraphs 11.41–11.45 below), or should put the information beyond use (see paragraphs 11.38–11.40 below)

Not surprisingly, the National Privacy Principles (under the Act) also state that “Ordinarily, garbage disposal or recycling of intact documents are not secure means of destruction and should only be used for documents that are already in the public domain.

Save significant Time and Money

Many employers and small business owners are not aware of the cost of shredding confidential waste on site. It takes time, costs money and uses up valuable space.

An employee can take up to 8 hours to shred 80kgs of paper, or you could simply ask us for a wheelie bin to store these documents until we come to shred them. The savings are simple:

The above calculations don’t even take into account the initial cost of a shredder, running costs such as electricity and even then you still have to dispose of the shredded paper product!
So why not free up your staff to work on more profitable tasks. We can remove your full bin and replace it with an empty one with minimal disruption to your business.

Reduce the risk of Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in Australia and costs the Australian community billions of dollars every year. Although you may think it will never happen to you or your customers, someone could easily steal your identity and use it for fraudulent purposes.

The only real way to protect yourself and your customers from identity fraud is to ensure that all sensitive documents are shredded securely.

Meet Customer & Staff Privacy Expectations

Today privacy is an important issue in society. Most people are aware of privacy and in many cases it plays a role in any buying decision process. There is no doubt that in this day and age customers choose to do business with companies that treat their personal information with respect and confidentiality.

As employers, businesses also hold a great deal of private and personal information about employees. Employees are aware of this and when they can see that the employer respects their privacy with a simple act like securely shredding old personnel files, the net result is a productive and loyal team.

Do the right thing – Recycle your paper

All paper once securely shredded, is immediately baled with other paper and cardboard items recovered from our Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and sent off for recycling.
For every tonne of paper you send to us, you directly save:

13 Trees
2.5 Barrels of Oil
4 Cubic metres of Landfill
31,370 litres of water
4100 kW/h of electricity

Keep documents only as long as required

Are you guilty of retaining personal information and business records for longer than the required legislative timeframe eg. tax receipts? Do you have lots of unnecessary paper and documents lying around waiting for someone with the motivation to do a big cleanup?

A regular scheduled secure document disposal service means that you can easily control the amount of paper and documents that need storing at any given time. Why not store documents on a schedule that allows you to dispose of them in a timely manner, which means no unnecessary clutter and mess.